Women’s Voices for the Earth

Imagine a world with less cancer, more justice, lower rates of asthma, cleaner air, fewer babies born with birth defects, abundant and safe drinking water, a decrease in the number of couples facing infertility, healthy products on every store’s shelves and a government that works to protect all people and all living things. And imagine women leading the way to that world.

This website is about health concerns & women, gives you the tools and information you need to get started in making this vision a reality. It explains ways that our health can be affected by environmental contaminants and offers ideas of how to make changes around your home and in your community so we can live in a healthier world.

Health Concerns & Women

some of the health concerns that especially affect women

What We Know

New Science Linking Our Health and the Environment

What You Can Do

Everyday Actions to Protect Your Health

What We Can Do

Community Efforts to Protect Our Health

At Home

Make simple changes in your household products to help protect your health.

In Your Community

Take action in your community to help protect everyone’s health.


Taking care of your childs mental health

In Vitro Fertilization One Stop Resources

Women’s Health: MedlinePlus