Early Adulthood

This is a time of adjusting to fulltime jobs or other adult responsibilities. Finding ways to maintain good health habits while making the transition into adulthood is important, including eating well, maintaining or establishing an exercise routine and choosing healthier products around the home.

• Entering the workforce may entail being exposed to contaminants from toxic cleaners, chemicals used in manufacturing or other sources. Federal standards for occupational safety are often not strong enough and are not always well enforced. Workplace exposures may increase a woman’s risk for many health concerns, such as cancer.early adulthood

• Young women may be thinking of becoming a mother at some point in their lives, but exposures to chemicals even years before they try to have children may impact their ability to become pregnant and/or have a healthy, full-term child. For example, endometriosis, which may be caused by chemical exposures, can impair fertility. Occupational exposure to certain chemicals is also known to threaten a woman’s ability to have a healthy child.