A woman’s changing hormones during menopause can cause obvious effects like hot flashes and night sweats, but a lifetime of exposure to contaminants may affect the onset of menopause and have other affects on a woman’s health.menopause

• A woman’s risk for cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease,high blood pressure(Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure) and stroke(Treatment For Strokes), may increase as a result of menopause because estrogen, which decreases during menopause, serves as protection from these problems. When this natural protection decreases over time, lifetime risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as exposure to environmental contaminants may be more pronounced.

• Menopause often accelerates bone disintegration which can release contaminants stored in the bone. For example, the release of lead stored in a woman’s bones may impact her memory and her ability to think clearly.

• Chemical exposures throughout life may induce early or premature menopause and increase the risks of illness and death in the postmenopausal period.


Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging by Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility and Science and Environmental Health Network